Design Services

Artisan Design offers FREE FLOOR PLAN DESIGN services as a way of giving rough, but accurate cost estimates before clients have actually had to invest any money on full plan design. Artisan can design from clients’ own ideas or their stock plans and the options are virtually limitless and allow clients to get floor plans tailored exactly to their specifications and desires while allowing for the most cost effective designs due to the construction and specifically framing background of the designers.

Step 1: Free Floor Plan Design

Free floor plan design with unlimited revisions.

Step 2: Rough Bidding

Once a floor plan and an approved rough cost estimate is established, Artisan Design can provide full architectural designs, including all architectural pages required by any municipalities in Utah, for residential projects.

Step 3: Full Design

Costs for full design service can vary but start at $1.00 per above ground living square foot and once these designs ore done they are the property of the client and the client is free to use these plans to explore another general contractors.

There is no penalty for using other contractors but Artisan Design offers an incentive of a 50% design discount if the client chooses to use Artisan Construction for the design. Artisan Design does not do their own engineering and subs this out to licensed firms and will be added to the cost.* Engineering costs vary but start at approx. $.40 per above ground square foot.